Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

First, let me share my joy with you: my joy is writing.

Now, you may be here because you also have a joy to share: the joy you feel in your work, your business or your product. And you may be looking for someone to help you share this joy with the world. Look no further.

Writing has been at the center of my life for a number of years. I have a master’s degree in English and IĀ teach professional and business writing at a major Canadian university.

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But why me?

Let’s be honest: there are tons of freelance writers just waiting for your business. Why should you work with me?

  • I have a curious, insatiable mind (I’m an information junkie)
  • I’m super flexible (48-hour turnaround? No problem!)
  • I care about your business, I listen to your needs and I fulfill them (I want to make you look good)
  • I come with a bilingual bonus (I can write in French too)

My genres

Blog posts
Press releases
Essays and editorials
Translation (English-French/French-English)

My expertise

Food and drink
Personal finance
Arts and culture
Social media
Higher education

Anabelle’s copywriting style is extremely polished. She consistently produced high-quality, well-researched articles that exceeded the expectations of our clients.

Her regular caseload included clients from a wide spectrum of industries, highlighting the depth of both her writing and research skills. She always displayed a willingness to take on challenging subject matter.

Anabelle responded well to feedback and had the ability to mould her work to suit the needs of our clients.

Julie Wilcox, Online Content Editor, WebProfits.

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